QILING Disk Master software FAQ


Q: I forgot my password, how can i recover the files from my secure virtual disk?
A: Secure virtual disk does not contain any mechanism or facility that would allow partial or complete recovery of your encrypted data without knowing the correct password. The only way to recover your files is to try to remember your password.

Q: Can I mount the created volume files to others computer?
A: Yes, You can mount them on any computer on which you can run QILING Disk Master.

Q: Do I have to unmount virtue disks before shutting down or restarting Windows?
A: No. QILING Disk Master automatically unmounts all mounted virtual disks on system shutdown/restart.

Q: Can I change the file system of an exist volume?
A: Yes, you can. Virtual disks behave as standard disk devices so you can right-click the device icon (for example in 'My Computer' list) and select 'Format'. But, the actual volume contents will be lost, so be carefully. However, the whole volume will remain encrypted.

Q: Can I use tools like chkdsk, Disk Defragmenter on the virtual disks?
A: Yes, It is possible to use any filesystem checking/repairing/defragmenting tools on the mounted virtual disks.

Q: I mounted a volume, but I couldn't see the drive letter in Windows Explorer(Not always to be,but sometimes).
A: This is a Windows Explorer issue. Press 'F5' in Windows Explorer to refresh Drive Letters. It will appear.

Q: There is always a pagefile.sys in my system image. Why? It is said that your product would exclude this file automatically.
A: Yes, our product actually includes this file when creating a system image, but it is just listed to display the attribute of the file. Its size is actually 0KB.

Q: Why does the product get stuck and the icon keeps spinning for a long time when I want to view my disk or expand a directory?
A: There may be some other device connected when you are running the operations. Our product attempts to list all of them which can slow down the performance. Unplug these devices and eject your CD/DVD before you perform the operation to make it faster.

Q: Can I modify an image name or move the image path under Windows explorer or with other tools?
A: No. In order to avoid unexpected problems, ONLY make these changes in Management. This allows our program to keep track of the images.

Q: While browsing the image, why was I unable to copy the selected files?
A: There is a limitation in Windows that the entire file path and the file name cannot be composed of more than 255 bytes in total. You may need to copy it to a shorter path if you have a file with a very long path/file name.

Q: Can I clone a hidden partition or a partition without driver letter, or clone the hard disk with these two kinds of partitions?
A: Yes, our product supports cloning these two kinds of partitions.

Q: Does QILING Disk Master support to backup and restore a UEFI based system drive?
A: Yes, it completely supports UEFI boot backup and restore, while ensuring your system bootable after restoration.

Q: Does QILING Disk Master support to backup and restore dynamic volumes?
A: Yes, you may backup and restore dynamic volumes in the same way like backing up and restoring partitions on basic disks. If you are going to restore the system partition on a dynamic disk, the system is ensured to be bootable when it is restored to its original position.

Q: Will QILING Disk Master copy or transfer partition from MBR to GPT?
A: Yes, QILING Disk Master can clon or recovery a partition from MBR to GPT.