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  Free Professional Server Technician
    1 PC License: $39 1 PC License: $169 1 year License: $799
Support Windows PC Operating Systems
Support Windows Server Operating Systems    
Priority Technical Support Low Medium High Top
Business usage  
Each license allows the number of computers installed   One Computer One Computer Unlimited Computers
Available to Provide Technical Service to Clients      
Backup & restore speed Normal Faster Faster Faster
Disk/partition backup & recovery
Disk/partition clone
Disk/partition move/resize  
File backup & recovery
File zip  
File sync  
Support VSS
Full, Incremental, and Differential backups
Support MBR disk, GPT Disk, Dynamic Disk MBR disk
Comment, Explore, Check, Split, Compress
Email notification, pre/post-Command  
Encrypt image
Deduplication for image
Schedule backups
Backup Disk Space Management
Backup to Local Disk, External Storage Devices, USB Flash Drives, and Network
Create Windows PE Bootable Rescue Media
Backup to iSCSI and NAS
Universal Restore
Delete image based on version
Enable Pre-OS
Hard disk health
Virtual disk management
Secure disk  
Deduplication for virtual disk  
GPT & UEFI Boot Supported  
Fix boot
Wipe data  
File shredder  
Migrate OS to SSD/HD  
Create partition, Format partition, Delete partition
Set active / Remove active
Partition recovery
Surface test
Supported hard disk capacity   4 TB+ 4 TB+ 4 TB+